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Karaoke day

Sebastian's back from Mexico! It was one of our quieter Sundays for a LONG TIME, maybe because of Easter.

I hung with Sebastian, Todd, Brendan, Giovanni (YAY GIOVANNI!). He found cute little stuffed Easter Lamb on the street and gave it to me. (Cause I don't have enough stuffed animals.) Very cute young guy named David. OMG, I'm turning into SUCH A COUGAR. Somebody please make me a cougar icon.

I think the problem is that after a lifetime of the "older man" fetish, I'm now so old that "older men" are a bit too old, and the age that used to be acceptably older is now sometimes younger than I am now.

Giovanni and I are planning to get matching Cougar t-shirts. I guess guys aren't really cougars. If they're gay, they're chickenhawks and if they're straight...I don't know what the insulting phrase is.

Anyway, lovely day. Since the Sushi restaurant was closed I went to Safeway. Made Hubby his favorite dinner: Steak and Corn. No steak for me. :( I love it, but red meat is a sugar trigger and so far so good on the sugar front.

Song list-
Jealousy-Billy Fury
All About You-McFly
Sex Bomb-Tom Jones (Cause nothing says "Sex Bomb" like a Hawaiian shirt and ugly red Crocs.)
Something's Gotten Hold of My Heart-Gene Pitney
Is This the Way to Amarillo-Tony Christie
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