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House Babble for Saviors

House party attended by michellean68, hllangel and evila_elf. All of us cozy in one box.


That was freaking awesome!

Note to David Shore and Katie Jacobs, THANK YOU! Did you see what you just did there? You gave us House and Wilson, House and Cameron, Cameron and Foreman!!!, Chase and Cuddy, House and Cuddy, and Chase and Cameron. People we care about, saying things we give a damn about. You may remember what that looks like. It's what made your show wonderful for three seasons. HINT: DO IT MORE!!!

Those scenes between Cameron and Chase were a zillion times more moving than any of that bullshit that went down last week, because there were people who had earned my caring. Jesse's acting in the "break-up" scene. The way his accent got stronger the more pain he was in. GUH, JUST GUH.

I was torn between wanting him to tell her to fuck off, because she was being a bit 3rd season Cam and jerking him around, but he clearly loves her so much that I ending up being one big AWWWWWWWWW!!!!

It must have been really hard for both of them to do those scenes and they played them beautifully. Jennifer Morrison has come so far. The way she was able to sass Cuddy was an absolute joy. Even if she had to wear the ol skool Cameron ugly shirt and vest thing. And Cuddy had the bangs from hell as well.

Part of me still wishes they do the H/Cam because Jennifer has grown into it and because the wank (and the H/W angst) would be epic.

Speaking of Joy. Realy JOY, not fake baby JOY. House and Wilson. Wilson screwing with House. House calling Wilson a manipulative bitch! House going to Wilson's place and making himself comfy on the couch. HOUSE SMILING!!! And no, I'm not giving into the fluffers for a second. It's two weeks after House went batshit over Wilson prying into his life and quitting a shrink because Wilson found out and he's right back in Wilson's business. He knows that people can't change, which means Wilson is still the cheating bastard as well as the manipulative bitch. (And all marriages still suck.) But Wilson got so much good snark. I swear, RSL was soaring on the good dialogue, and looking totally yummylicious.

But OH GOD THE SMILE!!! They are so fucking. That look was BARELY subtext.
The All In smile. The Safe smile. The smile that says they're made for each other.

Note that Wilson is House's manipulative bitch and NOT a bastard. I think that says a lot.

And you all know what I'm going to say now, so SQUEEEEEEEEEE it with me people....PIANO-GASM SQUEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! I knew the minute I heard the piano that Hugh was playing and we were going to get a PIANO-GASM. I wasn't expecting a full-blown happy montage (Oh Cuddy was happy to have the competition out of the way.) much less a Harmonica-GASM. Hugh in pink, with rolled up sleeves. WOOF. Hell, that scene was so happy I would have been tempted to give in and say that all the fluffy-wuffy schmoop in the world was true, and that House and Wilson could never possibly hurt each other, even if he is still doing the brother's nurse and House is picking on his love handles.

Except that House was alone. He was happy, but he was alone. And then the Amber appearance. I'd heard the rumors, but I didn't think they'd really go there. I didn't think I'd like it, but the way they did worked at least for that moment. Because House was alone with his demons.



Vegemite sandwiches!

Hello Patient. STFU PATIENT!


Happy dancing shall commence!

Now I'm going to try and write some H/W angst-smut for the PORN BATTLE that hllangel is hosting against Amazon and their anti-gay bullshit.
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