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OK, Brittney, we get it. He's a womanizer. Now just shut up already.

I heard this damn thing on my way out of the gym this morning and for some reason it put me in a cranky mood, although it also made me wonder if anyone has a done a Fanvid of Wilson...or maybe House and Wilson with their various women (since most of Wilson's "womanizing" is done off-screen) intercut with House/Wilson eye-sex moments and such. Wilson clips would be Amber, Cuddy, Grace, Debby in Accounting, Robin, and the woman he was talking to Failure To Communicate before House interrupted. Bonnie could be included although they didn't have any scenes together. House could have clips with Cuddy/Cameron/Stacy/Amber/Honey/Stalker Chick/Dwarf Mom and various hookers we've seen coming and going.

Further to suggesting Fanvids that will never be made. From Candide, "You Were Dead You Know"
I'm thinking of a whole vid of Jack Harkness deaths and resurrections.
Here's most of the pertinent lyrics:

Candide: Dearest how can this be so? You were dead, you know. You were shot and bayonetted, too.
Cunegonde: That is very true. Oh, but love will find a way.
Candide: Then, what did you do?
Cunegonde: We'll go into that another day. Now let's talk of you. You are looking very well. Weren't you clever, dear, to
Candide: I've a sorry tale to tell. I escaped more dead then alive.
Cuengonde: Love of mine where did you go?
Candide: Oh, I wandered to and fro.
Cunegonde: Oh, what torture! Oh, what pain!
Candide: Holland, Portugal, and Spain!
Cunegonde: Oh, what torture!
Candide: Holland, Portu-
Cunegonde: Oh, what torture!
Candide: I would do it all again to find you at last.
Both: Reunited after so much pain. But the pain is past.
Candide: We are one again.
Cunegonde: We are one at last.
One again. One at last. One again. One at last.
Cunegonde: One
Candide: One
Both: One. One. One. One at last.

(It's a duet-so maybe even some Doctor deaths and regenerations to go with with it.)

I wish I knew how to make vids, but honestly I don't. Total techno-dork. Can't make secrets either, or Icons (except for shrinking pictures with LJ.) God I'm pathetic.

If anyone takes me up on either idea, let me know. I can provide the music from Candide and I suspect the Brittney horror is widely available.
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