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Plans for the weekend

Hubby's meditating right now and then we're going to head downtown to get brunch and see Monsters vs Aliens. After that we need to come home and do some cleaning up. michelleann68 and the other Seattle Girls are in town and tomorrow I'm going to give them my semi-famous Mission/Castro tour which concludes at the Mint. If they're going to come up here and sit down at all, some major action is necessary. Seriously the place is a pig-sty. MegaMegaDump.

Tomorrow AM, I have to meet Ivan for the Zippy The Pinhead 5-K, and we'll probably have brunch with hubby afterwards. Then I'll come home, chillax for a while and meet the girls. It's nice today, so I'm hoping we'll have good weather for the tour, and then after as much Karaoke as they can handle (probably just a little bit more than that) we'll go to Il Cantuccio for dinner.

Along the way, I want to read some fanfic that I've printed out and of course work on the Novel. I have a lot of hand-written stuff that I want to get typed up. Right now I'm working on "casting" two people who show up at my protagonist's hotel room claiming to be cops. At the moment, I'm describing them as "Cagney and Hutch" but if you'd like to cast any two performers (or public figures), I'm willing to entertain suggestions.

Hubby tells me he feels guilty because right now he's really into knitting me a sweater, but he feels like he's cheating on crocheting. So we're trying to find the right metaphor for the knit/crochet divide.

I said it was like a ship-war, but he said it was more like Sharks vs Jets, or possibly Mandolin players vs Banjo players.
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