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Heat Wave!

It was up in the 80's yesterday, and by our wimpy San Francisco standards, THAT is a heat wave, although in the 80's it's the happy kind where everybody suddenly seems to pour into the streets and take their clothing off. If you live in the Mission, that means tits and tats as well as lots of dogs.

It was still fairly tolerable when I went up to Golden Gate Park for the Zippy The Pinhead 5-K. I met a nice couple from Portland Maine, who happened to be visiting and were runners so they went to Active.Com and found this 5-K, and there they were. Pretty small race, so when I came in at about 45 minutes, I was pretty much the last one with maybe two scragglers in back of me. My thighs are hella sore today, but that may also be the long walk I took with michelleann68, evila_elf and gin2001 as we did the famous Mission and Castro tour.

Before they came over, Hubby and I had brunch with Ivan. He's not feeling well, so I think the POLENTA FRIES at Andalu were wasted on him. :(

Here's michelleann68's Tweets, complete with pictures. I honestly have never seen that many people in Dolores Park at once. It was gorgeous, but damn hot. For me to be out in my tee-shirt with arms showing and no cover-up is very very unusual and I was paranoid of ultra-violet the whole time, but I'm not showing too much color today. The girls all got themselves a bit pink and there were people in the park shows LOTS of skin who should not have been, both on the basis of esthetics and fear of what kind of burn they have today.

After our set-down, and yes we offered hashish chocolates, we went up 18th to Castro Street and Down Market to the Mint, where we hung out with toddyboi (in his shorts, causing me to sing Hot Legs, and pretty much demolish my vocal chords.) Giovanni, Sebastian, Brendan, Big Frank (mourning the last day of Virgin Megastore in San Francisco), Daddy Dave, Bartender Brian, Rocking Vince etc.

The girls were very patient, especially when I made us stay for one more round so I could get a Barrowman song in. (At this point, All Out of Love is a Barrowman song to me.)

Hubby met us for dinner at Il Cantuccio was awesome, as always. Despite the fact that the house was more or less fit for habitation, the girls went back to their hotel and hubby & I went home to crash and burn. (With a vengeance.)

This morning, I managed to flake out on BART and take a ride to Oakland, before getting back to San Francisco, and when I got off at the Embarcadero station, the turnstile decided to eat my fast-pass.

I haven't been out since then, but my co-worker advises it's still hot as blazes.
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