karaokegal (karaokegal) wrote,

I'm going to kill somebody

Either Problem Child #1 or his admin.

You may remember, I'm not even supposed to deal with Problem Child #1, because he thinks I'm incompetent, but his admin likes me basically because I'll roll over and do anything she wants, whereas Kathy exhibits more of a spine and actually says "no" sometimes. Also, Kathy was at lunch and the Admin was not willing to wait.

Anyway, since 9:30AM this morning, we've researched hotel in El Centro, started booking it and then stopped when she realized there was a logistical problem. Then she called back and we booked a two rooms in Anaheim. She insisted I book the more expensive room so they would guaranteed king beds. I told her they were inside cancellation and that I was guaranteeing to Problem Child #1's credit card. She said fine.

Less than five minutes later, she called back and said to cancel the hotel in Anaheim and put them at the Omni in LA. I called the hotel in Anaheim and groveled my way into waivers for both of them. I HATE HAVING TO DO THAT!

Another ten minutes later, she called and said Problem Child #1 had changed his mind again. Cancel the Omni. We're also inside cancellation at the Omni, so I have to call there and get waivers.

Now she wants me to call the W in Westwood and make changes to existing reservations that we didn't even make.

I've got next week off and right now I fell like I'm hanging on by a thread before I totally snap and tell someone to fuck off. Steve promises that if I do kill someone he will testify that it was completely justifiable homocide.

ETA-Got the waivers at the Omni. Waiting for a call from Westwood, and now I have do a bunch of convoluted limo bookings.
Tags: bitching, desk of doom, journal, work

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