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Ashes to Ashes - Series 2-Episode 1


Alex, you not so much, although thank god, the perm has calmed down a bit and we don't have the completely anachronistic bra-strap showing every scene. She's still annoying, but slightly less so and, OH GOD, GENE I LOVE YOU!!!

Glenister just seems to inhabit the part so effortlessly, whether he's being sweet to the stripper or a bastard to the cheating wife. I almost hope it doesn't go more than another series because it's so close to caricature now that I'd hate to see it go over the line. Or for him to get tired of the character and have a situation like House where I feel Hugh Laurie is perfect as House, but sometimes phoning it in.

When the wife asked if he'd ever been in love, was I the only one who IMMEDIATELY thought of Sam?

As much as I love the 70's music for LoM, THIS is the music of my life. Duran, Human League.

Also, the Bowie-clown was not in evidence, which is a big plus. I can live with old people and talking dogs doing most of the creepy stuff instead.

Still not sure how I feel about the stripping bit at the end but the actors all seemed to be having a good time, so what the hell complete with Fully Monty music and shout out.

It may have to do with the quality of my dl, but it camera work and cinematography feel a lot smoother and crisper. It was a real pleasure to look at. (I watched the first series in Quicktime and it was pretty grainy.)

Really not too thrilled with the Diana tie-in. Is that going to be the theme for the series? That she has to save Princess Diana? WTF??? At least she's not acting like an alcoholic slut this time around.

Have I mentioned how much I love Gene Hunt?

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