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One more update

Before I crash and burn for the night.

Hubby's doctor gave me a call. For some reason I wanted to smack him. Probably just my own frustration and anger and nerves about the situation.

Basically we're looking at last year ALL OVER AGAIN. The whole six months. He's had the external fixation (Robo-cop Leg)and they're not going to do the actually surgery to repair the leg until May 5. Then it's the whole rehab and recovery thing. The big question is does he go back to one of the "skilled nursing facilities" (nursing home hell) or does he do it at home? I don't think coming home is plausible. I can't take time off to take care of him and how can he be home with no one to empty the pee-bottle? Or without morphine?

On the other hand, being home for either period (pre or post surgery) would be so much better for his morale.

Plus, it looks like psycho-sis might get released from HER hospital tomorrow and there's no one to take her home. No idea how we're going to deal with this. NONE!

But I do have my wonderful, AWESOME, f-list looking out for me.

hllangel wrote me a drabble featuring real!Jack at his finest.
Go. Read. Give love.
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