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Ganked from joanne_c

You guess the pairings. RPF/RPS is included.

Warning: Some are very obscure.(OK, apparently not that obscure.) Several are from movies. There is RPF here as well. Some characters appear more than once.

1. Probably platonic, but the nightly throw makes my heart (and her eyelashes) flutter. Keith Olbermann/Rachel Maddow Guessed by amproof
2. What's hotter than crying over Oprah? Danny/Rusty-Ocean's 11 movies Guessed by babykid528
3. A man who's lost in time and a cute puppy dog. Sam/Chris-Life On Mars Guessed by donutsweeper
4. A drug addict and his enabler. House/Wilson, House MD Guessed by joanne_c
5. A girl with a cat, kisses in the rain. Holly Golightly/Paul Varjak-Breakfast a Tifanny's Guessed by joanne_c
6. Hot girls fighting. Enemies who seem to like a good grope now and then.
7. A Hollywood love story that should never have happened. Hugh Laurie/Robert Sean Leonard Guessed by tourmaline1973
8. The one who actually challenges him. Jack/Owen-Torchwood Guessed by joanne_c
9. A spy with daddy issues and a spy-daddy. Michael Vaughn/Jack Bristow Guessed by joanne_c
10. Teabag jokes or on-air flirting? Rachel Maddow/Ana Marie Cox Guessed by hllangel
11. The last two of their kind. Phone sex rocks! Doctor/Master-Dr. Who Guessed by joanne_c
12. Angsty slash in teenage wasteland. Mac/Danny-CSI-NY Guessed by babykid528
13. The original's still the greatest. Looks, subtext, ultimate betrayal. Cal Macaffrey/Stephen Collins-State of Play Guessed by amproof
14. Pundits with issues. The angry man and the pretty boy. Keith Olbermann/Anderson Cooper-Guessed by msp_hacker.
15. A hundred years of pining. That's love people. Jack/Doctor-Dr. Who/Torchwood Guessed by joanne_c
16. Hot hate sex, even if one of them is in a coma. Sam/Gene-Life On Mars Guessed by donutsweeper
17. The serial monogamist and the simply irresistible co-star. David Tennant/John Barrowman Guessed by joanne_c
18. A whole planet of hot people and you're going to settle for one? Ha! Jack/(say it with me people...) ANYBODY BUT IANTO!!!! Guessed by hllangel
19. Two hot daddies. Allies or enemies? What time is it? Nathan/Noah-Heroes Guessed by hllangel
20. Because they're just too hot together for it not to be true. John Simm/Philip Glenister Guessed by hllangel.

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