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Back to Lawton

Which is the "skilled nursing facility" out on 7th Avenue & Lawton, the one that was less horrible than the facility they had him in the last time between the two surgeries. Second surgery is scheduled for May 5.

Based on my visit last night, I think things are much better than last time around. For one thing although it is a plateau fracture, it's only one bone. Last time he'd managed to break both of them. He's definitely in pain, although again, it seems to be more manageable. I mean he was hitting the pump fairly often, but was able to move a bit in bed without being in screaming pain. Robo-cop leg didn't freak me out as much. Maybe I'm just used to it now. He agrees that the idea of coming home instead of the nursing facility is ludicrous, although there's definitely the possibility of going home sooner after the 2nd surgery. The fact that they're moving him so soon after the first one, I think is also a good sign.

The situation with psycho-sis has been resolved. She's now in a board-and-care facility that's actually quite close to our apartment. I'll need to go bring them some money on Monday.

He seems to be in good spirits. I'm sure there's still a lot of anger and guilt, but it wasn't coming across too much last night. Mostly he was annoyed that the hospital didn't have MSNBC. Priorities, you know?

I'm going to try and get a lot of picking up and various personal stuff done this morning. I'm going to go up to the nursing home after he's been moved so I have some time to myself today before that. It's a long (very long) walk up there, but I'm thinking that once I've brought up his lap top and other heavy stuff, I should be able to do it as a walk a few times this week, rather than muni or a cab. And now I know how to do it on Muni without having to take cabs ALL THE TIME. That got really old and really expensive.

Thanks again to everyone who's reached out to me via LJ or email. You guys are so awesome.
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