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Heroes babble-I Am Sylar


Sylar is Norman Bates! Those were well-done, creepy scenes, and kudos to Zachary Quinto and Ellen Green. Excellent work.

But a big BOOOOOO!!!! to the writers for going a little far on the Sylar is Emo!Boy stuff. Come on, people, I get enough of that from Peter.

And speaking of Petrellis...Sylar as Nathan is fun and the show-down was cool as well. The Pasdar is awesome onscreen with pretty much anybody although after all the cross-pairing and shipping of this Season, I still come down with Nathan/Noah as my faves just because Pasdar and Coleman are the bomb, and the idea of Claire's two daddies getting it on is too good to ignore.

I actually liked the Hiro/Ando stuff. I know it was very Meta, but it also seemed to actually be two guys dealing with the competitive nature of their friendship, although it also felt more like two teenage girls, as in the smart one and the pretty one, and the "powers" were a euphemism for that.

Oh, Micah! You really are lucky you're too cute to get killed or I would have been rooting for Sylar to do it myself.

Matt Parkman and baby were cute, although when Janice said "Can I talk to him," I kind of wanted to smack her for stupidity. Not like baby is talking back or anything. And I'm still now sure how they get past the whole "cheating" thing from the first season, unless we're supposed to forget that ever happened.

Even though it was just a few minutes at the end...STFU Mohinder!

Whoooooo-hoooooo SEASON FINALE coming up.
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