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You ring, we spring!

Or so says the window of one of the bail bond places across from the HALL OF JUSTICE where I went this morning to try and deal with retreiving Hubby's two-wheeled death machine.

As of 10:00AM, my day officially sucks. It's actually quite convenient that hubby is currently situated in a skilled nursing facility because when I see him I am quite likely to cause grievous physical harm.

I got the form to have me designated the official agent to release the bike to, which he'll have to sign today. Easy enough. Only it turns out that we get can't the bike released because...(wait for it)....THE REGISTRATION EXPIRED IN NOVEMBER. Which means I have to go to DMV tomorrow and try to get it re-registered. Since I'm not the bike owner, I don't even know if they'll let me do that. Also, it turns out there's an outstanding PARKING TICKET, which will have to be paid before we can even re-register. What drives me crazy about this is that Hubby is supposed to be the "grown-up" in the relationship. I'm the one who hides under blankets and refuses to answer phones and he actually deals with crap. Except apparently not this crap. I could seriously kill him, because let's not forget the meter is running to the tune of $20.00 per day, every day that the bike is in storage, and of course the hefty sum for the initial tow. Once I get the legalities sorted out there's still arranging to have it towed back to our garage to be done.

Meanwhile, back in psycho-sis land, I need to go over this afternoon and bring a check for the rest of her board and care for the month. And apparently she wants some Ensure. I told the guy to just buy it for her and add it to the tab. She also needs some jammies and the walker from her apartment. I'm not prepared to deal with that today. Just not willing to deal.

I told them I'll do it tomorrow. This was supposed to be my fucking vacation week.

I'm going to hang out here until my 1230PM appointment to get my goddess nails done. Then go pay for the board and care and then head up to see hubby. I won't be able to have my on-line House party tonight, as there's no wireless access in the room, unless I can figure out a way to do it from his Blackberry.

My little treat right now will be to watch the first episode of John Barrowman's variety show and see if it's more charm or smarm, because with John it can be a very fine line.

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