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House Babble for House Divided

No House party this week. Would you believe the set in Hubby's room at the nursing facility was all screwed up on channel 2-i.e Fox. Came home and watched all alone. Here are my play by play notes.

Secret and very unconscious desire to get Wilson into my bedroom.
(Not impressed, no matter how much squee-age might have ensued through the fandom. That’s not subtext and it’s not “real” slash. It’s like the line House said to Stacy about how he was gay. “Obsession with sneakers, always with Wilson.” It’s a way to float it and then shoot it down, rather than deal with the real relationship.

Amber is an awesome hallucination. Limp leading the blind.

Further proof that they made a bad mistake with the “winners.” IF they’d gone Old Guy, Big Love, Amber and you all might have been spared a lot of bitching.

Cameron/Wilson. Discussing a case. Another one of my guilty pleasure pairings gets some screen-time.

Drugs with no lecture.

Dancing house with boom box and funky sunglasses.. AWWWW

Broken Cowboy?

House is into Cameron being into him. Very true, even as a H/W shipper, I think that was the subtext of the previous episode. And I actually didn’t mind 13 in that scene.

Wilson & 3rd wife eloped. There goes all the fanon about House ruining the wedding, but not all the fics where he ruined the honeymoon.

“You’re evil!” (I love you, Chase!)

Wilson embarrassing himself at House’s parties. And I’m sure we know how many of those ended up with them in bed.

Rehearsing for the revival of Evita.

Chase gets conned. House, you bastard! Aren’t those implants REALLY EXPENSIVE?

Cuddy looks good. I like the shiny thing.

Wilson is impressed with House being nice. That can’t end well.

Scene with Mom and kid. Nice, but I have a very bad feeling about this.


Alcoholic ice-cream. House mixing booze with pills.

“I need you to kidnap me.” (More Chase love.)

Deaf kid and gf. Uh oh. Very bad feeling on this.

Belching. Not so adorable. Treadmill test. Another bad idea.

Flaming bottle juggling. Setting things and people on fire.

MS! Finally. It’s never actually been MS.

Cam is NOT conned. YAY CAM

Jesse is so fucking adorable. Hugh’s accent seems to be slipping a little. House setting Wilson back up with stripper? Now THAT’S sublimating his “unconscious desire” by controlling Wilson’s sex life. RSL doing the body shot is beyond cute. 13, not so much.

House alone with his demons.

TEAM DID NOTHING!!!! Tell him Amber. Tell yourself House. Get rid of them.

What The Fuck? Anaphylactic strawberry shock.

I don’t want Cameron. (And the H/W fandom goes nuts…but everybody lies.)

NOT MS. I thought it might be too early.

Sarcoidosis? Really? Wasn’t that Ezra Powell? And the whole point was to prove that Taub and 13 aren’t useless? I’m not convinced.

OH PLEASE!!! Insomnia over Kutner? I call bullshit. NOT WORTH IT!

Final thoughts…Wilson with no pants? Did he or didn’t he fuck Karamel? House was trying to break up Wilson and Brother’s Nurse and guess what, we never did and apparently never will get to see Brother. Still just a plot point.

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