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I hate my life, I hate my job.

I hate United Airlines with whom I am now on terminal hold just trying to get through to an agent. The first time I called this morning it took over 45 minutes just to someone.

I hate my "problem child" client who is so entitled he insists on business or first class on firm trips when the policy is coach. Of course when he finds that the really big honcho would have to sign off on the extra $1000.00, all of sudden he's willing to give up some miles. Which means I have to get back on with United to find out if ANY flights would be available that he could upgrade on.

I shouldn't bitch quite loudly because it's been pretty mellow this week and I haven't had any major crisis inspite of the weather messing up flights all over the country, but I really, really, really hate this particular jerk. It's days like this that make me want to be House-like and tell people what I really think of them. And you know how well that's likely to work in real life.

I'm posting now that I did get an agent (After 33:30 on hold) and he basically told me that NONE of the flights were available and now I have to call Mr. Problem Child's admin and listen to her whine.
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