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I can't find the keys to the bike!

The police said they would be with the bike, but they're not. I looked in hubby's motorcycle jacket and they're not there either. The idea of having to deal with the SFPD again anytime soon to try and determine if they ever had them does not fill me with joy right now. Luckily we can put the whole thing on hold awhile. We're going to sell the bike, but I'm going to let hubby deal with that.

(and somehow that does make sense to me) when I got to the nursing facility. They told us a bed had opened up in a double room. When we asked for a one-night reprieve they said that if hubby stayed in the private room one more night after advising us they'd have to charge. So now he's in a double and of course the guy in the other bed was BLASTING HIS MOTHERFUCKING TV SET and the nurses won't do a damn thing to turn it down. I was literally starting to shake with rage and had to get out of there. This morning I've purchased a splitter so we can both watch the TV on our own headsets which should alleviate the problem, but I'm still LIVID that we have to do that.

Today I had my doctor's appointment. When I told her about my arm, she basically said ice, heat, rest and wait it out.

Then I went to Safeway with my nice eco-friendly cloth bag and managed to flake out on the check-out line because I couldn't find my ATM card, which was back at the apartment in my other coat. I had to change coats because the zipper on the leather jacket that I got fixed like two weeks ago...broke last night.

And now I'm waiting to see if Hubby's friend Jean is going to call me back. She volunteered to help get the stuff from psycho-sis' apartment over to the board and care but I think she's going to flake. I called earlier and still no call-back. If I don't hear from her by the time I finish LJ catch-up I'm just going to go in a cab.

OK, she just called, so I will have a vehicle available to get there and move the stuff! YAY JEAN!!! Yay for Nursie friends. Jean and hubby were in nursing school together.

So we'll get that done and maybe have a nice little lunch together, which will be the first calm, sit down meal with another human being I've had since the accident, and then I'll go up to the nursing facility and Hubby and I can watch Obama's 100'th day press conference and the coverage on our individual headsets. It's doesn't get much more romantic than that.

Just talked to hubby...he talked to next bed over and says that I bring an extra pair of earphones the guy has agreed to use them.
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