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But at least I got to the Mint last night.

After I stomped out of the nursing facility, I went down to Judah Street and picked up the N-Judah, and who should be on it, but my friend Nash, who was one of my Karaoke Kronies from when I first started hanging out at the Mint. He had this metal thing, the size of a small go-cart which he had found at the beach and was taking home to do...something...with. We ended up going to the Mint together and I got to tell my tale of woe to Jane the Bartender, and Ben and a few others. I only stuck around long enough to do one song (Sign of the Times-Petula Clark) but it was good to sit at the bar and wind down a bit. I may do some more of that since I still have a few days off and no more major errands after today. I can go late, stay late and sleep late. Gee, just like a real vacation.

The funniest thing about my doctor's appointment was when the girl did my vitals, she made the weight optional. First time that's ever happened and I certainly took advantage of NOT getting on the scale.
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