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This is my first day of vacation

Basically I have nothing to do but stay in bed and type up the bits of the Novel I've been working on, as well as my entry for candesgirl's photo prompt fic fest. At about 3-ish, I'll go over to psycho-sis' board and care and visit with her before I go up to see hubby. (OK, I might do some dishes and clean out the bird cage.)

I'm also looking forward to watching the second episode of the new series of Ashes to Ashes.
Which raises this issue from yesterday's fandomsecrets:
To which I say a hearty....OH REALLY? Does it really make me a tin-hat slasher to say that based on 16 episodes of LoM and 9 episodes of A2A, it ain't ALEX that I think Gene loves? No I'm not saying Gene/Alex equals real!Jack/Ianto. I think he wants her and may care because he's that kind of guy, but LOVE??? Unless something very dramatic changed in the episode I haven't seen yet, I think we have a somewhat delusional secret-maker.

We are trying to figure out if it's possible or worthwhile to bring her tv set from the apartment. Looks like we'd have to invest in a 50.00 Comcast antenna, but that might be worth it.

The single worst thing I had to do yesterday turned out being going into her apartment. When she fell a few weeks (over a month?) ago and had to call 911, there was food out. And it's been out ever since. I'm sure you can imagine and trust me you don't want to. SOMEONE is going to have to go in there and deal with it and I have a bad feeling it's going to be me.

She wants to go home, i.e. back to the apartment, but we can't afford full-time care for her and she's had two falls leading to hospitalizations within two months. We're keeping the apartment for one more month along with the board and care, but at some point she either goes home or we give up the apartment.

The headphones worked out fabulously at the nursing facility. Hubby's roommate is far more reasonable and lucid than the ones he had last time around. We were able to enjoy the whole Obama-party (Press conference followed by Keith and Rachel) in peace. Yes, I know the President did some fancy footwork on the torture questions and the state secrets stuff, but on the whole, he was once again such a joy to watch. With apologies to the non-Obama-ites on my list...every day I wake up knowing he's the president is a better day than the eight years that went before.

ETA-We're going to pay the apartment rent for another month. Hubby is pretty pissed right now and says "She can go home and if she has another fall, she's on her own." But we both know that if it does happen, we (meaning I) will end up dealing with it.
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