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Sky Rockets In Flight-Afternoon Pimp Post!

Quite a mixed bag this week and a very full one, since I've been compiling fics for a few weeks now. If any of these strike your fancy, please go, read, give love, and tell them K-Gal sent you.

Torchwood/Dr. Who

Lonesone For You by laurab1.
Lovely angsty Jack-drabble written to one of the Song Lyric Prompts.

Suspension by hllangel.
Real!Jack IN DA HOUSE! Our favorite go-to torture guy, pre-Series Torchwood. YUMMY!

Drift Factor by strangecreature
Capt. Jack/Capt. John-Very timey-wimey wibbly-wobbly, and totally awesome. I've become obsessed lately with fighting against TW hive-mind depictions of John as being pathetically dependent on Jack. (That describes someone, but it's not John) This fic is an excellent tonic to that dynamic.

Jack Harkness in North London, 1980's(ish) by apiphile.
In case you didn't KNOW you were waiting to read Torchwood/Young Ones crossover crack, trust me, you were. I found this after I read a joanne_c rec of it to someone who was looking for Young Ones fic. It's one of the funniest, most mind-blowing, bizarre and yet utterly true to both fandoms thing I've ever read. I'm so glad I found it. Jack going up against Mike is truly a sight to behold and you'll never believe which of the housemates Jack actually winds up shagging.


House MD
Two very different fics from topaz_eyes. God she's good. See me turning a rather florescent shade of green at my unseemly envy for her mad writing skillz.

Hooker fic with pegging. But mostly about the dark, brooding, gorgeous mass of pain that is Greg House as seen by an outsider.

On The Commission of Unnatural Offenses
A continuation of the Victorian AU House/Wilson series. This is where I really turned insanely jealous. How the hell does she do that? Completely in character for the era, with every word choice being spot on and yet still completely House and Wilson as they are now, both sexually and emotional, with their endless capacity to hurt each other.


Life On Mars

Silence by severinne.

OK, some warnings: DARK!DARK!DARK!DARK!DARK!

So if you're in a bad place...you may want to think twice. On the other hand, it's so brilliantly written and such beautiful angsty, bleak Sam & Gene plus dub-con, death and voyeurism, that it might be just the thing. I honestly don't know, I just know I love it. But remember how much I loathe all things schmoopy and fluffy, especially for Sam/Gene.

Life on Mars-Zombie fic by lozenger8.
Normally I don't read or rec WIPS, but this one has three chapters up and though the writer promises it will continue, I actually thought the end of the third chapter was the end, so as far as I'm concerned, you can read those three and not feel like you're left hanging although she does assure me the saga will continue. Maybe your comments will inspire her to go on.

Strangers In The Night
Night And Day
Call Me Irresponsible

Sinatra songs, Life On Mars, Zombies. What's not to like?


And a few of my own that you might have missed. I have read this Why Aren't People Commenting on My Post/Story/Whatever?, but I feel like two of my recent stories are under-performing, so here they are:

Movie Night Torchwood-Jack/Gwen-PWP, Kinky smut, Voyuerism, Exhibitionism. NC17. Not a hint of "bashing."

The Heartaches I Caused You House MD House/Wilson angst/smut. Post Ep for Simple Explanation. NC17.
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