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Ashes to Ashes, Series 2, Episode 2

They may have calmed down Alex’s perm, but that eye make-up is still atrocious, although unfortunately, if memory serves, kind of accurate.

Philip Glenister’s acting is amazing. The way he conveys Gene’s anger and self-hatred at what he’s getting sucked into.

“Dead Princess?” More Diana references.

Gypsy Woman-You’ll give your power to a Tyler. Please please please tell me Simm is dropping in for a cameo somewhere down the line.

Whoooo-hoooo. Sweaty, nekkid Gene in a steam room. SMOKING! Woof
And is it me, or is Mac being played as “creepy predatory homosexual?” Maybe that’s just the fact that he casually let his towel slip and the music then segued right into Tempted. Sorry Mac. Gene is hot as hell, but your sweaty man-boobs are not particularly tempting.

Shazz is part Romany? Really? Since when? And for what purpose.

OK, not-Gypsy doctor looks a LOT like creepy substitute father figure guy from the first season.

Ah hah-Even Luigi thinks she’s a lush.

Is that a Shakin’ Stevens picture inside Elva’s caravan? Cool.

They can do all the up-close and personal, in your face, two shots of Gene and Alex they like, but they’ll never have a fraction of the chemistry that Gene and Sam did. That is what “forced” chemistry looks like. At this point, I’d be more convinced if she had hate-sex with Ray.

Damn! Chris is wearing those pants REALLY TIGHT. I haven’t seen a basket like that since Easter.

In The Air Tonight! After all these years, it can still work.

Whoah! Shirt ripping! Ray is the Tyler? WTF?

Is this supposed to the Mason or a group like them? Minute 42 and I’m guessing (hoping?) Gene is doing it to bust these guys. How the hell did Alex get in there? Not such a big secret if she could just find the place and walk in. Or did Ray tip her off? What the fuck is going on? ARRRRRGHHHHHH!!!!!

OK, it is the Masons. Presumably they’re allowed to the bad-guys more than Gypsies? If I were either one, I’d be pretty insulted.

I’m really frustrated with the amount of Non-Alex POV stuff we’re getting, because how can it be Alex In A Coma if we’re getting other POVs? (If this were fanfic, I’d tell the writer to tighten that up.)

Any change the guy with the gloves and cigarette is Sam? (Pleasepleaseplease!)

“I’m not one of them. I’ve got a girlfriend.” Oh Chris. But, I wonder if that is supposed to imply something about “them.”

Love Actually-Four Benzos and a Funeral. Hee!

YAY GENE! I knew he wasn’t actually going for it. LOVELOVELOVE!!!

“You’re playing with them.” “No that’s just the way I’m standing.” GUH!

Worst segue to “Come On Eileen” ever, but Gene is adorable when faced with “women’s stuff” and I still love that song.

Yes, Gene it is a delightful derriere indeed.

Shazz & Chris really are adorable. Almost enough for me to accept Shazz in spite of my LoM Sam/Chris hurt/comfort shippiness, but nothing will ever convince of Gene/Alex even if they end up shagging right in front of my face. It’ll be hot, but it still won’t matter to Gene a tenth as much as Sam did.

Someone, please give me some LoM/A2A prompts for mmom.

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