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Femslash drabble "Sanctuary" Cameron/Cuddy 250 Words


Title: Sanctuary
Fandom: House MD
Pairing: Cameron/Cuddy
Prompt: 102-Love from femslash100
Rating: Adult themes.
Wordcount: 250
Contains spoilers for "Need To Know" from Season 2.

Cameron, I love you.

Of course it had been a joke, a ruse to get her sample for the AIDS test. Not only didn’t House love her, he’d come into the office singing and that meant one thing; he’d been with her.

He’s not stupid enough to get involved with a married woman.

Care to place a bet on that?

Cameron walked the halls, numb with the realization of how big a fool she’d been and for how long.

“Dr. Cameron, are you all right?”

How had she ended up in front of Cuddy’s office? Maybe she’d gone there so many times to save House from himself that her feet knew the route by heart.

“What’s House done now?”

She tried to be like him.

“Not what, who.”

She wasn’t like him. The tears were already starting. Cuddy grabbed her wrist, which hurt, but got her into the office before she could give Brenda and her friends gossip fodder by breaking down in the hallway.

It was enough that Cuddy gave her a private place to fall apart. Cameron didn’t expect strong arms encircling her, or soothing words, or a hand stroking her hair. How could a woman who was so tough, also be so gentle with her that Cameron felt she could stay in those arms forever and maybe it wouldn’t be such a bad thing?

“Does love have to hurt so much?” she asked, her voice muffled against the softness of a black angora sweater.

“Not necessarily.”

Tags: drabble, femslash

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