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Stray thoughts

Is there any reason I need to care about Dreamwidth? Can I happily ignore it as I do Insanejournal and Twitter? It sounds like a party a lot of my friends are going to, but it doesn't sound terribly different from the party I'm already at, where I can barely keep up with greeting the people I already know.

Hubby found the bike keys. Somehow they ended up back in the bag he's had with him all along and neither of us noticed it.

Psycho-sis is back in the hospital. She's supposed to be in the board and care because she can't live safely in her apartment. Apparently she was reaching for some Ensure on the chest of drawers at the foot of her bed and fell down and broke her shoulder. No comment, but some very bitchy eye-rolling.

Here's the deal. I'm allowed to do mmom as long as I do at least a page of the Novel everyday as well. The idea is do to most of mmom in drabbles, but you never know what might happen. The Prompt Post is still opening and accepting whatever fandoms/pairings/prompts you want to suggest.
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