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Back on the chain gang and full of random thoughts.

I woke up dreaming about my father. I went into the living room and he was lying on my couch. I asked if he was really there (my father died in 2002) and he said he was. That's when I woke up.

I wonder if I'm seeking out my father to be at home taking care of me since hubby isn't.


There's a bar on the corner of Church and Market that's been called The Transfer as long as I can remember. Basically a tacky, dive-bar for pick-ups, from what I could ever tell. Suddenly it's been done up all froofy-ritzy and there was a big crowd outside on Saturday night. The sign says BOC, which stands for Bar On Church.


Botanica Yoruba on Valencia is gone, apparently for quite some time. Hubby knew, but I had no idea. Seeing the empty store-front on Valencia on Saturday was quite a shock.


I finally finished a book. Reading one, not writing one. I've been trying to get through Blink by Malcolm Gladwell forever and I finally started again just around Pesach and finished it about two weeks ago. Since my reading time is essentially subsumed by magazines and fanfic, this deserves some kind of notice.

Equipped with headphones and a splitter, we're watching a lot of TV at the nursing facility, and with a limited number of channels, I've had to make compromises I never would. I'm watching L&O CI, which I hate, although NOT SVU which I can't stomach at all. (We watched the new episode last night. No spoilers, but I was totally screaming at the set, as I often do during CI-"Hold tight! Don't give it up!" I desperately want some murderer NOT to giving in to the bullying and psychological manipulation.)

USA tends to have a lot of House on, which is awesome, especially when they show the earlier seasons. (Oh my beloved The Mistake and Deception.) However, last night ODOR came on and I told hubby, I'm sorry. I cannot watch this! (We ended up watching McLaughlin Group instead.)


Speaking of things I can't watch. FUCK YOU RTD! BBCA is rerunning all the Torchwoods, presumably in preparation for the new serise, but I can't watch it. Not even the good stuff. Not the gun scene. Not CJH. NOTHING. Because every moment YOU KNOW WHO is on the scream is painful and nauseating to me, knowing the depths of character assassination that lie before us in the name of the so-called canon slash relationship.

Do you have any idea how much that sucks? I can't watch Captain Jack on TW AT ALL because RTD gave in to the clamouring hordes and his own Mary Sue fetish. I hate RTD like I hated David Lynch after the last episode of Twin Peaks. And that my friends is a lot of hate.
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