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House Babble for Under My Skin

Under my skin

Dancer fake out.
Amber playing the uke! Very cool!

Amber tries to put House and Wilson together. I KNOW she’s his hallucination, but she’s also Amber, which means she knows they were fucking. That was the subtext of the whole “custody fight” plot.

Chase/Cam sperm conversation? EWWWWWWWWWW
Chase looks grossed out too. Plus Cameron, you are a lying sack of shit. Of course you knew you’re husband was going to die. Possibly that’s why you married him.

It’s so clear that Shore now knows how badly he fucked up with Taub/Kutner/13. I’m still not sure I would have been less of a bitch about ANY newbies, but the Amber/House scenes would at least have some energy.

Skin coming off. More EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW

Words can hurt---replay from Cursed. Wilson still hurting House.
I know that this whole “guilt as a symptom” shit is going no where. So watching House have to be not-House is painful.

Wilson/Foreman-Together in a scene for the first time in years. And now Chase is telling Foreman about the sperm, which leads to Foreman being a total clueless dick about Cameron. She’s got issues? How about your issues, sparky?

But I’m totally confused about the purpose of the sperm thing at this point. Are Cam/Chase married yet? Are they trying to create the rift so there’s still a possibility of House/Cam?

At this point, about the only person I’m really liking is Amber.

Foreman is looking totally jealous of Wilson. I know it’s a professional thing, but my old Foreman/Wilson fetish is showing its face.

CANCER VOICE!!!! Yes, someone calls him on the voice-break. YAY.

Once again House goes all self-destructive and forces Wilson to save him. (i.e. prove his love)

Needles! Everyone with a needle in Hugh’s arm “kink/fetish” raise their hand.

Sorry kids, the parallel fancy camera work is not impressing me.
And Wilson is now officially an idiot. House told you what he was going to do. Maybe getting the glucose on the way would have been a good idea.

Getting a little handsy there, Wilson. And pissed that he can’t force House into rehab. (Which we all knew wasn’t going to happen. People don’t change. Which we just got a rehash of.)

Gonorrhea again? Sex Kills.

He can’t stand being lucky? He’s been smug about being lucky in the past.

Ooooohhhhhhh! That’s good. Creepycreepy and good. Singing Amber reminds of me of Julee Cruse in Twin Peaks. I’m not crazy about where the plot seems to be going, but I do Hugh’s acting in that scene…GUH!

Amber was there to force him into rehab? I still don’t believe it’s going to happen.

Fuck you WILSON!!!
Hang tough, House. Don’t give it up.

House/Cuddy scene. Nice and dark. Great “Screw you” from Cuddy.

WHAT is Cuddy going to FUCK HIM through DETOX????
Or is the idea to screw over the H/W fans by saying that Cuddy can help him when Wilson can’t? (I say nobody can, but putting Cuddy in that position REALLY doesn’t work for me.)

Time for the puking House and House and in pain folks to get their jollies. (Yeah that’s me, folks.)

WHAT? Gangrene? More greatest hits: Humpty Dumpty.

When there hasn’t been the vaguest notion that he really wants her?
And they still haven’t dealt with the fact that she’s partially responsible for the pain.

IF this works and he really isn’t going to be an addict anymore, because of Cuddy, I’m going to be seriously pissed.

Jesse does the puppy-dog face so well, but this is just a rehash of what we went through two weeks ago.

“I always want to kiss you.”
Hugh sells it, but the pas five years say totally different. And once again, the kissing/sex is horribly choreographed. It does NOT scream passion to me, at all, and all I can think of is 1. They’re at House’s place so why does it look like he’s going out and she isn’t and 2. I hope he brushed his teeth after all that puking.

This is rubbish, folks.

Was there ANY reason to have the patient at all? Did we ever find out why the boyfriend dancer looked guilty. Are we all assuming it’s cos he’s really gay? Where did the gangrene come from and what the hell did they do to fix it.

If I were a House/Cuddy shipper, I might have gotten a bit of squee out of this, but not that much, just because they failed to deal with any real issues in the relationship.

As a fan of pretty much any other character or couple, it felt like Shore et al were trying take away anything that was good about the show.

I really hope my fellow H/Wshippers are not over squeeeful either. They got a bit of stroking and then a major dis. (It didn’t even work for me as angst.)


Thirteen and Taub still suck.

So aside from the Wilson/Foreman sex they needed to have while Cuddy was watching House puke, and various varieties of suffering House porn, I’m not sure what anyone was supposed to get out of it.

Since I don’t want canon H/W, my hope is that next weeks reveal pushes Wilson toward revealing his feelings for House on the subtext level, but I wouldn’t bet on it.

Off to check out the rest of my f-list and see if I’m alone in my sandbox today.
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