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Welcome to my world, won't you come on in...

Miracles I guess, still happen now and then.

For instance, this Saturday, the sun was shining and my husband wasn't sick, so we got on the bike and went to Marin County to see my Grandma. This doesn't mean I don't suck for not doing it sooner, but I suck a little less. She's in good shape mentally. Much better than when I saw her at my Aunt & Uncle's place for Channukah. She was completely lucid, in fact so damn lucid that nearly the first thing out of her mouth was to ask what I was writing. I told her it was fanfic. She knows what that is because she used to put out a science fiction fanzine with my mom back in the day. She doesn't know about House though. Hubby came right out and told her I was writing smut, but I don't know if it registered or not.

Hubby had brought his mandolin and spend most of the time playing it. The weather was was so gorgeous that we had the "lifters" help us get Grandma into a wheelchair into a chair so she could sit out in this really nice courtyard with a fountain. As convelescent hospitals go, it's not bad, but it is still a warehouse for the dying and she doesn't want to be there. Mentally she seems to way ahead of most of the clients I saw. The problem is that her medical issues are too much for the facility they were in before (where Grandpa still is) and Grandpa isn't really in good enough shape to do all the care-taking she needs either.

It was nice being with her and getting some of the stories about her family that I hadn't heard before. She loved being outside which apparently hasn't been happening very much. She talked a lot of about getting back to her painting, so hubby wants me to get with the "activities director" at the place about getting her set up, but I don't want to step of the toes of my Aunt who is more or less responsible for Grandma and Grandpa at this point.

At 5-ish, it was "feeding time" so we got her upstairs to the dining room and took off back to the city.

By this time the whole "warm and sunny" bit was a thing of the past, and naturally I hadn't bundled or even brought my gloves. Let's just say it was a long, cold ride home on the motorcycle in traffic because everybody and their mother-in-law was heading to the city probably for Chinese New Year. Gung Hay Fat Choy, everybody.

We went directly to the Metreon to get tickets for "Music & Lyrics" and then went to Mels Diner for dinner because I was starving. (We had eaten brunch at Platanos before going to see Grandma, but I wasnt' that hungry and only had granola/fruit/yogurt.) After scarfing some really good, HOT, diner food, we meandered around the Metreon for awhile and then saw the movie.

Very sweet/cute. Normally I don't like to shell out the outrageous sums now being charged at movie theaters to see a romantic comedy, cos you know, not a lot of suspense about the ending. I gotta say, in lieu of suspense this one had Hugh Grant (my 2nd favorite British Hugh) being both adorable and snarky and quite a bit sexy and singing in a most sweet and lovely voice. Drew Barrymore isn't my cup of Chai, but she wasn't eye-gougingly annoying. Hayley Bennett as the Brittney-esque teen-diva was perfect. The 80's pastiche music was really the best part. I'm going to download the soundtrack ASAP.

And then we went to the garage to get on the bike and go home. Guess what? Flat tire. Which sucked, but meant that god protects drunks, fools and travel agents because we probably had a slow leak and could have ended up with a blow-out on the Golden Gate Bridge, but we didn't.

So we took a cab home and Matt dealt with the bike in the morning before coming home and going back to sleep.

Sunday night was, of course my night at the Mint and as I was walking up Market Street, I saw my friend Tony, who has been out of touch and in the army as an MP and who I was convinced was serving in Iraq and not coming back ever. Turns out he's been stationed in Indio, CA and the only reason he was out of touch was letting his LJ account lapse because he was involved in some e-drama with a psycho-bitch.

The place was a zoo with a big party going on so I only got to sing twice in about 4 hours but I got to hang with Tony, my friend Peggy who's been off the grid for months, my boys, Ed and Thomas, Ben the bartender, and Giovanni. It was just a fun, happy, giddy, joyous, night, especially because I didn't have to go home since I had today off.

In fact, I'm heading back up there right now for a few more hours.
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