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Surgery went well.

They did the repair on his knee, so now it's all about the rehab and recovery process. Last night he said he was experiencing a lot of pain, but he's at the hospital for one more day, so he can get the good drugs.

They'll probably send him back to Lawton by the end of the week, although once I again, I sense that the doctor has delusions of getting home much sooner than is probably feasible. On top of that, I have to sort of fight my own inclination to get him home because it's marginally easier for me to deal with that than running back and forth to the nursing home.

Yeah, it'll be a little easier because he's had the experience of learning to walk with the crutches, but he needs as much time as he needs and I can't rush him for my own convenience.

I'm bringing a bunch of yarn up to the hospital tonight so he can start a new project, but he wanted me to bring the ball spinner (not as kinky as it sounds) and it was too bulky to schlep downtown along with all the yarn.

I feel really blah. My achy-breaky arm is acting up and it got a major twinge when I opened a door at a bad angle. What it probably needs is a few days totally off the computer and we know that's not going to happen. I still haven't gotten back to the gym yet. I was up in time to walk to work, but decided I couldn't do it and carry all the yarn.
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