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Children of Time Nominations-The Chelsea Drugstore Slate


The genres and categories continue to make no sense whatsoever, and do NOT get me started on the nomination procedure, but these the are my friends Romans and countrymen so let's get out there and stuff some ballot boxes vote. Certain stories and categories were omitted for obvious reasons.

You can find my Jack/John fic, Your Mission, Should You Decide to Accept It nominated in both the Torchwood Other Slash category, where the competition is fierce and in Torch Dark/Angst, where I think it might have a chance, so if you can be bribed, cajoled or otherwise convinced, please leave an envelope behind the counter. (Drabbles, monetary offers and sexual favors are all on the table.)

New Who

Category: Martha Jones
Nominee: Shadows of a Different Now by aeshna_uk.

Category: Donna Noble
Nominee: Encounter In Cardiff by travels_in_time

Category: Ninth Doctor
Nominee: Underneath the Moonlight by mad_jaks

Category: Other Characters
Kyrie Eleison by becky_h

Category: Threesomes
Nominee: Asleep at the Switch by 51stcenturyfox.

Kyrie Eleison by becky_h

Category: Dark/Angst
Even Hope by the_summoning_d

Nominee: Asleep at the Switch by 51stcenturyfox.

Category: Fluff
Nominee: Tread Softly by laurab1

Category: Ficlet
Kyrie Eleison by becky_h

Category: Classic fic
Led Into Temptation by haldane.
Actually, more like Classic Crack, but utterly brilliant and one of my favorite fics ever. Even if you don't vote, you should go read and give love.


Category: Captain Jack Harkness
Nominee: Well Tomorrow We'll All End Up In Red Tape by paperclipbitch
This is awesome Jack/Suzie, with real!Jack at his finest.

Category: Gwen Cooper (And by the way, how insulting is it that a Gwen-bashing fic was allowed to be nominated in this category? At all costs, I think that needs NOT to win.)
Nominee: Two Moon Tango by 51stcenturyfox

Category: Owen Harper
Nominee: Clinging to the Wreckage Until I Got The Message by paperclipbitch

Category: Other Characters
Nominee: Smooth Transitions by hllangel
The best Barack Obama meets Jack Harkness fic ever!

Category: Slash Pairings (because anything but the canon so-called pairing is deemed undeserving of its own category. Which allegedly has NOTHING TO DO with one of the mods swearing fealty to said so-called pairing by its smushname.)
Three nominees from among the ranks of the Chelsea Drugstore.
Rude Introduction by 51stcenturyfox
Your Extra Time and Your Kiss by laurab1
Your Mission, Should You Decide to Accept It by Yours Truly.

Category: Het Pairings (again, very interesting that the Main Het Pairing on the show doesn't get its own category under the circumstances.)
Nominee: Somewhere Along The Line by mad_jaks
Dancing On The Camel's Back by santousha

Category: PWP
Pick one-these were all awesome!
Mission of Mercy by 51stcenturyfox
Shut Up and Fuck Me by andreth47
Somewhere Along The Line by mad_jaks

Category: Dark/Angst
Your Mission, Should You Decide To Accept It by YOURS TRULY!!! And this one, I'd really like to win. :)

Category: Crossover
Smooth Transitions by hllangel
Let me say it again: Barack Obama meets Jack Harkness. YES WE CAN!


Category: Favorite wallpaper/manip
Nominee: Torchwood Bulletin Board by medley and donutsweeper

Category:Favorite drawing/pencil
Nominee: Demotivators In Pencil by littledoglaughd and rustydog

Category: Unsung Heroes
Nominees: 51stcenturyfox and andreth
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