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"Mission Of Mercy" femslash drabble Cameron/Petra Gilmar 200 Words-Rated G

is back at femslash100!
I find it utterly addictive and great "jump start" for a slow muse day.

Title: Mission Of Mercy
Fandom: House MD
Pairing: Cameron/Petra Gilmar (The awesome chick that House interviewed for Cam's position in "Kids")
Prompt: Substitute (for paperclipbitch)
Rating: G
Wordcount 200

Petra Gilmar wasn’t used to taking “No” for an answer. Dr. House clearly had a bug up his ass, but she knew she’d made a good impression on Dr. Wilson just by standing up to House. She risked calling Wilson to see if there was anything else she could do to get the job.

He suggested that she put on a pair of comfortable shoes and go to Café Florence where House was dining that very night, assuring her that he was most certainly not on a date, only having dinner with a colleague. In fact he’d be happy with the interruption.

The scene at the restaurant instantly proved Wilson a liar. House’s tie and the woman’s corsage, dress and earrings, screamed “date,” although apparently not a very good one. The woman had the look of a patient who had just heard a terminal diagnosis. Disbelief, anger, and self-loathing played over her features.

Petra left without saying anything, but couldn’t help thinking that if the brunette were sitting across the table from her, wearing that dress, she certainly wouldn’t have tears building up in her eyes and her pretty face wouldn’t be twisted in pain.

House really was a jerk.

Tags: drabbletag, femslash, housefic

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