karaokegal (karaokegal) wrote,

Good News-The House Party is ON!

I was afraid I would have to cancel because Hubby has a doctor's appointment at Kaiser, and needs money for transport. Both of us flaked out about this yesterday, but he's on drugs so he has an excuse. I thought I would have to go up to Lawton to bring him the money and at that point I could hardly go running home to watch House. BUT it turns out the appointment is on Wednesday, which means I can give him the money tomorrow. I have a night off and the party is on.

Bad news:
Southwest hold times are running over 20 minutes.
United is canceling flights all over the place.
Problem children #1 and #2 have stuff going on.
Comment whore melt-down.
Cliff fic=one way ticket to HELL!
Tags: bitching, comment whore, desk of doom, hubby, journal, tired, work

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