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House Babble for Both Sides Now

Thanks to evila_elf, mardahin, michelleann68, and my sweetie pie, hllangel for joining me for the last House Party of the season, and thanks to hubby for being very understanding about my being home to have it instead of being up at Lawton holding his hand.

OK, so what was real and what wasn't?

The entire detox and sex bit...NOT REAL, which means the famous puke-flavored kiss thing is no longer an issue, or why House was leaving his own apartment, or how cuddy managed NOT to see the pills on the floor.

Which means House didn't detox. Which makes my "people don't change" self very happy.

BUT how much of this episode was real?

Did House really tell Wilson he slept with Cuddy, leading Wilson right back into "Need To Know" style ping-ponging where he acts like he wants House to be happy with someone else but is basically stamping his foot like a jealous girlfriend? Did they have the scene where the all the House/Wilson dialogue about House NOT losing his friend was completely reversed? Or were those House projecting how he'd want Wilson to respond including setting House up to screw up the whole thing with Cuddy.

Either way, it pretty much justifies my whole hypothesis about how much they love each other and how much they will always hurt each other because even if they are having sex, one of them will always be too scared to admit it.

As for why he would fantasize sex with Cuddy---obvious deflection of attraction to Wilson, as pretty much spelled out last week, "desire to have Wilson in my bed." (Also of course put out there as sop to the fanbase while never giving them anything beyond subtext...the way it should be.) Similar to fantasizing robo-sex with Cameron in No Reason.

However, I thought it might be true because House was singing. He sang after he banged Stacy. And I love it when Hugh sings. Love seeing his smile. I almost wish it could have been true, but there's no way he'd be pursuing a relationship with her in the way he was depicted so that never really made sense.

If the House/Wilson stuff is real, than Wilson is really a conflicted bastard, who still can't come out and admit how he feels about House, which continues to cause House pain and to need more drugs. (Tell me again about the fluff-wuffy, happy, schmoopy-oopy, curtain buying.) St. Doris shows it like it is guys.

Did anyone but me think patient's girlfriend looked like Tifanny? I was waiting for her to burst into "I Think We're Alone Now".

One can only PRAY that ALL the Chase/Cameron/Sperm OT3 stuff was an hallucination, but I fear not. Jen, I love you, but your acting in the "instant crying" scene was piss poor.

ETA-I find it very hard to imagine real!House actually letting Cameron confide in him without giving her way more attitude than he did.

Major STFU for you Taub, and YAY Chase for walking away. Did Cam agree to destroy the sperm, and then Chase let her off the hook? Either I wasn't paying attention or it was really badly written.

ETA-OK, Chase gives her permission not to destroy it because it's all that's left of PDH, and the wedding goes on, which conveniently Cameron never canceled. Whatever!

B/T/W Doris, nice going on bringing Carl Reiner in for comic relief and then giving him cancer, while patient is suffering from Poison Deoderant disease and it took Tifanny to figure it out. I know patient only existed so House could have monologues about right and left brain and say "dominant side" with a meaningful look at Wilson. This is the show sucking hard and forgetting that it can do House-Pain-Drugs stories and still have an interesting patient.

For a few seconds I was worried that Lisa E. was also on the hook for really bad acting, but I guess she gets a pass because it was supposed to be bad hallucination acting.

Awesome Amber reappearance and the first time I've liked Kutner since he turned his number upside-down. YAY Dead!Kutner. (Fly-by-pimpage...If for some insane reason you still haven't read topaz_eyes's House/Dead!Amber/Wilson fic, do so. Now!)

I kind of liked the wedding. I LOVE As Tears Go By, and I liked the continuity of using a Stones song. Jen and Jesse looked beautiful, although it must have been rough on them to film it. The contrast between the light of the wedding scene and the darkness of Wilson taking House to the Mental Hospital was nice, if confusing. Were they supposed to be happening at the same time.

I know a lot of people wanted a hug. Wasn't gonna happen. They've spent over 100 episodes not admitting how much they care (even if they're having sex). I liked the bleakness of it. Wilson kind of gets what he thinks he wants, but he's miserable about it, and of course this is even worse than going to into rehab or a detox as far as House is concerned. A psych hospital means he'll be expected to talk to a therapist on top of going through detox. Complete and total hell.

My question is whether we find House next scene finessing everything and limping away unchanged. Because I still refuse to believe they will violate the character by fundamentally changing the pill dynamic, or that they'll go so far as to let him express the real reason he's being haunted by Dead!Amber, which would be his feelings for Wilson.

So....four months of angst-fic ahead. Ready, steady.....GO!

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