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"A Bit of Privacy" Life On Mars Sam/Gene Rated-R Wordcount-

Title: A Bit of Privacy
Fandom: Life on Mars
Pairing: Gene/Sam
Rating: R
Wordcount: 320
Notes: Prompt from travels_in_timewho wanted Sam/Gene-Snowstorm. I had to finagle a bit, but this is what I came up with. Submitted for mmom Day 12.
Thanks to filthgoblin for Beta and Britchecking.

Summary: Gene relieves his frustration.

Gene watched the “interrogation” unfold with a growing sense of frustration.

Another prozzie with another hard-luck story and Tyler eating it up like Sunday supper, as he looked into her lying eyes and held her hand. When would Sam ever learn that whores were all alike?

“You ain’t that special, Snowflake,” he roared, standing up and stomping off in the direction
of the bog. “Raymundo,” Gene growled, catching sight of Ray lurking around like a man trying to avoid work. “Guard duty,“ he said, as they approached the loo.

“Sure, Guv.”

Ray understood that a man needed a bit of privacy now and again and Gene knew that it didn’t make a bloke queer to have a wank thinking about his DI, as long as said DI was having his knob polished by some filthy tart with red lips and long crimson nails. Perfectly all right to imagine the girl on her knees in front of Sam, and exactly how that mouth felt as Sam pushed into it. What the girl would see as she looked up to see Sam’s face as he shot his load into her mouth. Make her choke on it, he would, Gene thought as the he finished up with a spurt and a shudder.

Perfectly normal, he told himself, adjusting his tie and a few other things, just in time for Sam to come barreling in, followed by a thoroughly flustered Ray.

“Sorry, Guv. He wouldn’t…”

“All right, Tyler,” he said, waving off Ray’s apology, “What’s so important you need interrupt me moment of private contemplation?”

“She’s agreed to give us all the names and testify against the man who committed the murder. “

“And what’d you give her?” Gene shot back, raising an insinuating eyebrow.

“A friendly hand. You should try it sometime.”

Gene felt good enough to risk a wink in Ray’s direction as he replied.

“Oh trust me, Tyler. I will.”
Tags: fanfic, gene hunt, life on mars, mmom, mmom 2009, sam tyler, sam/gene

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