karaokegal (karaokegal) wrote,

Pimping the next porn battle

51stcenturyfox and andreth47 are hosting an "Aliens Made Them Do It" Porn Battle this weekend.

AMTDI (Aliens Made Them Do It)

Alternate themes that you're welcome to use, if AMTDI doesn't float your boat:

Wanking/Self Pleasure (since it's May, after all)
Sex in the Torchwood SUV

Go to 51stcenturyfox's LJ, Saturday/Sunday May 16/17

Multi-fandom, but clearly geared toward Who/Torchwood.


Please give me a heads up, if you write something that you think I'll like i.e. REAL!JACK or Jack/ABI, or something that really reinforces BUFT and or WLB. (I'll love you forever and pimp it to the stars if you do.)
Tags: barely utilitarian fuck toy, journal, pimping, torchwood

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