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Note/Question for NCIS watchers

So at this point, I've seen a handful of episodes in no particular order, based on USA marathons, season one DVDs and reruns from god knows where. It's basically hitting me like Bones, in that it's a procedural with fun characters, but none that I'm invested in to the point of feeling the need to shipwar or commit fic. (Although Hubby of all people put in a MMOM request for Abby) EXCEPT---the minute I saw Joe Spano, my old Hill Street Blues-loving heart started beating a bit faster, and I got verrrrrrry interested in his relationship with Gibbs, especially when Wicki told me about Fornell being married to one of Gibbs' ex-wives.

Question 1: Is there Gibbs/Fornell fic?
Question 2: Would anyone read it if I wrote it?
Question 3: Even if it was MMOM fic?

OK, I'll stop posting for awhile. There must be some actual work I'm supposed to be doing today.
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