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I could have danced all night, or sung anyway...

I got to the Mint at about 7:00PM and it was practically empty. Daddy Dave (KJ), Sweet Jane (bartender) and Sammy Jo, looking fetching as a blond. I guess between the rain and the Academy Awards...I dunno. I've been there on Oscar nights with a bigger crowd than that. Daddy Dave said there had been some more people earlier, but they left. So me and Sammy Jo more or less had the place to ourselves. I tried stuff that I normally wouldn't do for fear of embarassment. but what the hell?

Sammy Jo sand the Manfred Mann version of "Blinded By The Light" and then Daddy Dave did their version of "Spirits In The Night" so I did a 60's Manfred Mann song (from before they were an Earth Band) called "Pretty Flamingo". A few other people showed up but basically I was there from 7-10PM and never had to wait for more than 15 minutes to sing. (In between I pulled out a notebook and worked on a crack!fic crossover.) My songlist included : Time Passages-Al Stewart, A Letter To You-Shakin' Stevens, Goodbye Sam, Hello Samantha-Cliff Richard (dedicated to Sammy Jo), Overkill-Men At Work.

At 9:00PM Sudsy showed up in a rare good mood. It was still pretty dead so I stayed a bit longer. I wish it had been like this LAST WEEK, when I had Monday off and could have stayed later. For those who don't know...Sudsy is...I have this weird fascination with him. Not quite a crush. He has this aura of decadence that attracts me. He can be extremely House-like and he carries a vast selection of music in his Ipod so that he can do relevant transition songs. For instance, on his shift I sang "Something's Happening" by Herman's Hermits and he segued into "Something's Got A Hold Of My Heart". I just wish we could sit and talk and schmooze music or something, but he doesn't seem interesting in connecting with me very much. Which while sad, may be a good thing, given that, you know, I'm married and all.

This one chick came in and was all "I want to sing right now" which was ridiculous because it was still only about a 15 minute rotation time. She was up in Sudsy's face and I could tell he did not like that one bit.

I finished up with some Elvis and got out, although really, I wanted to stay.

I got up at 530AM because I'd signed up to do the "Chinatown YMCA New Years Run". I could hear it pouring rain and I was thinking "Nonononono." But since this is San Francisco, I knew it could change at any minute and might not be raining in Chinatown. I got dressed, drank some protein shake, and let the house at 7:00AM at which point it was not raining. Got a cab to Chinatown and waited around while it was raining and then not raining and then raining again. The run started at 8:00AM. There was a hill very close to the beginning, which knocked my legs out a little. Jelly Belly consumption the night before a run - not such a bright idea. Bottom line, I had signed up for the 10-K, but after the first loop, I knew it would take me another 45 minutes to do the next 5 and I wasn't sure how long they were going to keep the course open. So I wussed and only did 5-K. I suck, but at least I can wear the t-shirt in good conscience.

I'm going to sign up for Emerald Nuts Across the Bay, which is a 12-K. There's no way to wuss. It's a point to point and if you want to get back to San Francisco, you more or less have to finish even if you end up walking or crawling. There is a very gnarly hill involved, but I know it's there and I'll probably walk it.

Whether or not I'm going for another 1/2 marathon this year has yet to be decided.

He bought a dobro. This is in addition to the following instruments he owns and currently plays: Guitar, Mandolin, Banjo, Ukulele, Fiddle. I think there are also some accordians still in the closet and we also have mbiras in the apartment. I gotta say he does sound pretty good on the dobro and it's a nice sound.

Just in case you are wondering why I put up with this insanity, let's take into account the following: He left a valentine on the bed for me the night before Valentines because he knew he wouldn't see me the next day. Did I mention that the Valentine was hand made? He made bread pudding this weekend which included dried blue-berries and toasted pine nuts. And he puts up with so much crap from me...including my LJ/House/Hugh/Smut obsession.

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