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More about Keith Olbermann

Not sure if any of you saw last night's WTF Moment, but here it is:

I'm very torn about this. I love Keith. Seriously. LOVELOVELOVE. Aside from the politics, he and I have a LOT in common when it comes to being obsessive about our passions and not ever letting go of our grudges. (Can you imagine Keith in the middle of a shipwar? He'd find proof for his ship that I would never even think of.) Clearly, he had every right to say something about the crap that got posted on the websites, especially Wonkette, (of which Ana Marie Cox is the founding editor). BUT I'm a little dubious about making it the #1 Story, and using that much time on it. I'd probably do the exact same thing, but I'm not sure that would be right either.

Also, much as I love Keith holding Hannity's feet to the fire about the water-boarding thing, I kind of wish he'd go back to having the little tid-bits before Oddball. I feel like there's one guy (or gal) whose job is to write the Oddball lead-in and that person is basically on unemployment until Hannity either comes across, or Keith drops it and I think EITHER of those things happening is pretty damn unlikely.
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