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"Triplicate" Torchwood Gwen/Rhys, Jack, Ianto 300 Words Rated-R

Title: Triplicate
Fandom: Torchwood
Characters: Gwen/Rhys, Jack, Ianto (references to other pairings)
Rating: R (includes violence)
Wordcount: 300
Notes: Post-ep for Meat. One story in three drabbles. Written for mmom Day 16. Thanks to haldane for Beta that amounted to putting the fic into intensive care and to _tallian_ for additional suggestions.

Gwen could hardly wait to get Rhys home.

Now that there were no more secrets, she felt a need for him that reminded her of their first days together, when they’d told each other anything and everything , and made love so loudly that his flat-mates would bang on the walls and threaten to sell tickets.

The neighbours might have to call the bloody cops tonight, she thought, pushing Rhys toward the bedroom. No more lies, nothing held back, emotionally or physically.

Jack was furious, but he’d given her the best gift of her life.

Too bad he’d never know.


Torchwood had never given a hang for its employee’s privacy and after what happened with Tosh and Mary, Jack didn’t see that he had any choice. He’d have to mention the policy to Gwen. Some day.

Now he was unable to stop listening to the wordless moans as the couple reaffirmed their love.
He undid his trousers, imagining it was Gwen’s soft hand on his cock, while Rhys held him from the back and kissed his neck. Three bodies moving as one, lips and hands and cocks, surrounding him with love.

The way it had been back on the TARDIS.

Ianto was on his third drink and it still wasn’t enough.

He considered ringing up Gwen to tell her what was going on. Rhys might just return to the Hub and beat the crap out of Jack. The idea was strangely arousing. Jack couldn’t die, but he did feel pain, and Ianto was suddenly consumed with vivid fantasies of Jack being physically abused for Ianto’s pleasure.

Graphic, blood-stained images filled his mind as he wanked furiously, gasping with the intensity of the release, and shaken by what had triggered it.

That night, he dreamt of Lisa.

And she was smiling.

Tags: fanfic, gwen cooper, ianto jones, jack harkness, mmom, mmom 2009, torchwood
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