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Just a bit of Ashes to Ashes babble-Series 2-Eps 3 & 4

Just to get it out of the way before the next episode, and so I can try to read everybody else's write ups.

Not much to say about Episode 3. It seemed to be more of a "place-holder" episode, although it did push forward the Super Mac corruption plot, including more "non-Alex POV" scenes of Gene and Mac. Somehow I think those are still meant to be (or should be) part of Alex's hallucination. Theoretically she could be "seeing" things that don't involve her.

I basically still disliked Alex throughout this episode, because it was just so ALL ABOUT HER. I realize that Sam did the same thing, but somehow it didn't IRK so much.

Anytime the Gene Genie talks about his testicles, I'm happy.

No obvious Princess Di references, unless all "roses" are Princess Di, and that one on Alex's desk did freak me out.

Episode 4-

I loved Jackie Queen. LOVED her interaction with Gene. Her accent. Her telling Alex about Sam and Annie, although I could hear the Sam/Gene absolutists screaming. Let's face it, even if, maybe especially if, Sam were in love, involved with Gene etc, he'd HAVE to have a beard. And I think he also loved or wants to love Annie as well. (The threesome sequel to my Christmas story is coming. Someday.)

Somehow the Jackie/Alex scenes and Alex's general demeanour in the episode turned me around. At least for the time being. If she reverts in the next episode, I reserve my right to loathe her again. In the meantime....go away bunny...actually come over here and have a carrot because I've got 15 more mmom fics to write.

OMG-Gene shot a dog!

Mixed feelings on Jackie screwing with Gene about the baby. Obviously I don't want daddy!Gene (unless it involves smut and Sam's daddy issues), but Gene did seem to buying into it, and Jackie humiliating him in front of everyone didn't sit very well with me. I wonder if it's going to turn out the other way. Which would be totally evil, but it's just so scuzzy the way it is now.


So if the Mac part of the story is over, what is the theme for the next four episodes?

I don't think I've ever loved a fluff-couple as much as I love Chris and Shazz. Which makes me very, very worried for them.
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