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Come Monday, it'll be another Pimp Post

Starting with a note from my friend Ivan

My sister is working for an online business magazine. She has been given her own travel blog and I think it is pretty good (okay, I'm a little biased). She told me if she can get up to 100 people "following" her she will get a bonus. Well, the big brother wants to help his sis so I am asking some of my friends and sign up to follow. Don't worry, it will not cost a thing and I don't think you can get the swine flu from this site. I appreciate you guys taking the time to read this email and hopefully look at the website.

You sign up to follow by clicking below her picture. Thanks again.

here is website: http://trueslant.com/rachelking/

I'm not in for a cut of the loot, but Ivan is an awesome guy, the one who helped get Psycho-sis' TV over to the board and care last week, among the many other things he's done for me over the years.


Reminder-Voting is still open at Children of Time and here is the Chelsea Drugstore Voting Slate

hllangel got an absolutely Awesome Review of her nominated fic Smooth Transitions


Because by sarahetc.
Jack/Tosh and an excellent example of real!Jack. Totally hot and a total bastard. Much happy-making in 200 words.

I Know by sarahetc.
Double drabble scoop of Jack/Owen, written for MEEEEEEE, exactly the way I like it.

Warrior Women by laurab1
HOT Jack/Gwen porn. Lovely, delicious real!Jack in 245 words. (Extra bonus-It's in the hothouse. Making YOU KNOW WHAT, exceptionally non-special.)

If You Pass Go, Do Not Collect 200 Pounds by paperclipbitch.
EPIC! 12,380 words of brilliance! Owen/Ianto in Victorian London. Partially inspired by Burn Gorman's appearance as Bill Sykes in Oliver. This is the Ianto I can stomach because PCB writes him as the self-righteous prick he truly is, and gives him no special relationship with Jack. What she does give him is oodles of interaction and conflicted desire with Owen. Her Owen here is a thing of tortured beauty, who gets stuck in the past and adapts the best way he can. It's a big read, but still a quick one, due to PCB's insanely readable prose style.


Business and Pleasure Posted at the Heroes Fanfic Exchange

Extreme Crack Ahead.
A/U Petrellicest (and more) with Peter as a spoiled movie star, Nathan as his manager and Matt Parkman as the new body-guard.


Drabble response to my prompt for Syd/Ana-Sungalsses at nights. It's hot and sexy femslash. Go read.


One from anthropomor_fic

Notability by iambic5

Speaking of CRACK! How about this: Pairing: TV Tropes/Wikipedia
You KNOW you want to read that shit.

Life On Mars

To Have and Have Not by serverinne. Pretty much every single one of my kinky boots in one hot fic. Wanking, teasing, Gene talking dirty. Mrrrrrooooowwwww!

And if you like a good LoM Wank!fic....

This ones one for me, because I posted this fic and crossposted to lifein1973 last Tuesday and either it sucked hard, or it totally disappeared. Either way...pretty much NO COMMENTS. If it sucked, so be it, but I figured I'd give it one more chance to seen and loved.

Title: A Bit of Privacy
Fandom: Life on Mars
Pairing: Gene/Sam
Rating: R
Wordcount: 320
Notes: Prompt from travels_in_timewho wanted Sam/Gene-Snowstorm. I had to finagle a bit, but this is what I came up with. Submitted for mmom Day 12.
Thanks to filthgoblin for Beta and Brit-checking.

Summary: Gene relieves his frustration.

This way to the wank!fic.


House MD
Enter, Backstage by chocolate_frapp
A very sweet story. RPF, but no sex. About getting to meet Hugh and Stephen, the way so many of us would like to.
Bonus points and pimpage for using THIS Song Lyric Prompt.
Tags: alias, children of time, house md, life on mars, pimping, torchwood

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