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Woke up this morning, got yourself a gun...

Sorry. Too much Sopranos on DVD. Woke up this morning and turned on Logo and guess what was on? "Peter's Friends". I haven't seen it since it came out. At the time, I was all about Ken&Em (I was so into them after "Dead Again"), the music, the idea of a British "Big Chill" and even Tony Slattery because we'd just started getting into British Whose Line on BBC American. I knew who Hugh&Stephen were, but they were so far from being the HUGH&STEPHEN and especially the HUGH who plays such a major part in my creative life right now. In fact, with the glasses and dramatic plot, I don't know if I registered Hugh at all. (Shakes head at 1992 self in disbelief.) I looked for an upcoming showing to TiVo, but there wasn't one. Grrrrrr. Or maybe not, since the few minutes I saw were Kenneth maudlin drunk scene and Stphen's "big reveal" and both scenes were painful, for all kinds of reasons.

How badly am I losing it? Yesterday I found myself downstairs to get lunch and I couldn't understand why I was walking oddly. I looked down and realized I was wearing one brown loafer and one black pump.

Do I have "huevos grande" or am I just nuts? I was in the ladies room in a stall and I heard some women from the Bay Area Business Times, which is on the same floor as my office, talking about how much they needed writers. I popped out, told them I was a published fiction writer with some background in PR and a really awesome editor. If they needed someone to convert raw date into an article, I was their gal. Unfortunately they needed someone to conduct actual interviews. I still went back to my office, came back with a card and told them again that if they needed someone to write or do editing, give me a call.
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