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Sing it with me people....Hubby's home (whoah whoah whoah)

Hubby's home...to staaaaaaayyyyyyyy!!!!

Of course the bad news, because there's always bad news, is that the nursing home wouldn't let him stay until 8:00PM so I could do it after work. They insisted on having his pick up at 1100AM, so I had to call Bubbles (the regional manager) and ask if I could take the morning off. Now for all my complaining about work, and management, Bubbles is actually an awesome person, and she said to take as much time as I needed.

The driver showed up at 11:00AM, but he had a another pick up from Lawton who was going out to 19th Ave. so we said, sure do that one first. Then he came back for us, got Hubby into the transport in a wheelchair and we were all ready to go...AND THE ENGINE DIDN'T START!!!! He had to call someone to come and give him a jump start.

After that we did in fact get home, and Hubby got up the stairs, partially on the crutches and partially on his butt which was quite an ordeal, but at least he's home. I honestly think they kicked him out a bit early, but I'm hoping the benefit of being at home on his own couch with the remote and the Tivo and all the little luxuries are going to be worth it.

I have to go to Kaiser after work tonight and pick up tons of meds for him, so the promised Five Days of Steak may have to wait one more day to commence.

Meanwhile, Psycho-sis is definitely being moved back to her apartment on Friday. One of the social workers expressed a lot of concern to me that this is a really bad idea, but the Board and Care is just not working either. She's miserable. She's not eating. She's wasting away. Hubby is refusing to argue with her...or can't deal...or whatever. So she's going home. It's the best I can do for now. Hopefully we can get the Vitalert thing installed for her. (I've fallen and I can't get up...that thing.)

And I'm back here on the DOD, because I just didn't feel like I could take the day off and leave Steve alone. Deb's been handling some stuff remotely, so YAY for Steve & Deb.

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