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Watching Ashes to Ashes Episode 2.5

Pausing at 27.22

Wild guess that the femme fatale is going to turn out to be George Staynes.

WHAT THE FUCK at 32.44


I was going with this for a minute, but why would "operation rose" be about police corruption, when all the previous "Rose" references seemed to be about Princess Diana, and more importantly, why would Alex think that her becoming corrupt would somehow get her back to Molly? Of course cigarette man seems to have the same idea. Is this supposed to be some weird reversal of the situation with Sam and Morgan? Did he include in his notes?



Sorry, Alex. You are back on my shit list for still not figuring out that it's completely inappropriate to impose yourself into the lives of the people you once knew. (Sam sucked at it too.) You are especially on my shit list for going all goopy on the Guv.

Ray, Ray, Ray! I still don't like you, but at least you make some kind of sense, especially wanting to be more than just a thug, but having it come so naturally. He reminded me a bit of Russell Crowe in LA Confidential.

So if Luigi saw the guy that Alex was talking to, we have to assume he's really there and not a hallucination w/i an hallucination?

Three more episodes to find out what's up with Operation Rose? Are they going to drop the Diana thing all together or is it going to have something to do with that?

I'm confused, but this series is definitely more compelling than the first one. However, I still want to smack Alex---a lot--especially when she pulls the "more sensitive than thou" shit.
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