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I'm posting Barrowman/Tennant RPS tonight!

For those who've been waiting for the "closure story" I promised after the last one, tonight's the night.

Yes, I'm going to hell, where I hope to have my own Motorized Bar Stool

For my newer readers and anyone who might have resisted thus far, or anyone who missed any of the stories along the way....

REMINDER: RPS!!!!! I include real significant others, family members, dogs, managers, co-stars and anything else that strikes my fancy. If you find that gross or offensive, read it anyway, cause it's awesome, please do not read. Ratings start at PG13 and escalate to NC17. However, there is a lot more talk and wanking than actual sex. Special appearances by Captain Jack.

These are the "official" stories in my John/David saga.

Interview Day
Summary: It had been brewing since the first read-through.

Every Little Thing
Summary: John and David get into hot water.

Summary: John alone in his dressing room. Nottingham, 2008

Talk Talk
Summary: It's John's turn to do the talking. Especially after he finds out about David and Georgia.

Hooray For Hollywood
Captain Jack takes John on a guilt trip.
*Personal mope---I LOVE this story, and I think it got unfairly ignored---end personal mope.*

No Safety or Surprise
The end of the story to date. Takes place in Birmingham during John's Panto run as Robin Hood.

Random Barrowman RPS and RPF written from various prompts and my own sick mind.

The Morning After
My first ever foray into Barrowman RPF. Special appearance by Captain Jack.

Angel of the Morning
John/Eve wankfic.

Having Your Cake

I Think You'll Understand

The Incorporeal Corporal
AU fic featuring John Barrowman and Jesse Spencer

Play Date
G-rated puppy-fic featuring Bo Obama's and Harris Barrowman-Gill
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