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"Watching The Detectives" Life on Mars Ray/Gene/Sam Rating-NC17

Title: Watching The Detectives
Fandom: Life On Mars
Characters: Ray/Gene/Sam
Rating: NC17
Wordcount: 500
Notes: Written for mmom, Day 27.

Look at them. Thick as thieves those two. Never seen anything like it. Guv wasn’t like that with the old DI. Course the old DI was a regular bloke, one of the guys, not some poncy nutter full of crazy ideas who spends half the day talking to himself and looks at you like something he just scraped off his shoe. Got the Guv looking at you that way too sometimes.

You light another fag, watch them walk out together, shoulder to shoulder, and even if the Guv is taking the piss, he’s still with him, still listening to that shit that comes out of his mouth.

Let them go, then. Let them spend hours on stake-out together. Let the Guv act like Tyler’s shit don’t stink same as the rest of yours. Even after he hung them all out to dry, you included. And what happens? Welcomed back with open arms.

Yeah, you applauded and drank with the rest of them, but it still don’t sit right. Now you’re just watching, biding your time. Wondering what’s really going on with those two. Can’t be anything queer. The Guv wouldn’t go for that. Would he? Slap the little bastard silly for even thinking it.

Gene Hunt is all man. He’d never….

But now you can’t stop thinking it. Can’t stop seeing it. The Guv, wearing his coat and gloves, trousers pushed down, with Tyler bent forward, waiting, legs spread wide.

It makes you sick, but it makes you excited too, and maybe more sick for that. Christ, Tyler is like some kind of disease affecting this whole bloody place.

No one around, so you open your own flies, and damn you ain’t had wood like that in weeks. Fuck this, you think, and start stroking. Yeah, maybe the Guv is giving Tyler the business, but that don’t make him a ponce. Makes Tyler one though. Taking it like that. Letting the Guv fuck him. Yes, damn it, Guv, fuck the the fairy. Feel him take every inch of you. Not so high and mighty now, are you Tyler? Not when you’re gasping and screaming and banging one hand on the desk and begging for mercy, but there ain’t none, is there? You started this and now you’re going to finish it, and seeing Tyler like that, seeing his mouth open, hearing the slap of flesh against flesh, that’s too much and fuck if you didn’t just shoot your wad all over yourself thinking about it.

Shit, shit, and more shit. Where are the bloody tissues?

Can’t be going to the Arms with some bit of jizz still sticking to your shirt for the world to see. With your luck, Tyler would notice. Leave it to that smug bastard to say something, give you one of those looks. Probably never let you live it down and you’re not even allowed to punch his lights out for it. Only the Guv’s allowed to do that.

Definitely something fishy going on there.
Tags: gene hunt, life on mars, mmom, mmom 2009, ray carling, sam tyler, sam/gene

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