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At least there's always retail therapy

The wardrobe has been in pretty bad shape for awhile, especially my pants. There's a couple of khakis and cords that I shouldn't be wearing to dig ditches, much less in a office at a law firm. Also, even though I look adorable in my hoodies, it's not doing a lot for my professional look. I don't give a fuck about my job and it shows. I hate my job and I only care about keeping it because I'm too scared/lazy to do something else.

Anyway, on my lunch break I went to Dress Barn and picked up slacks and jackets for work and a nice dress which I can wear to a party I've been invited to on March 10. It's a "Black and White Extravaganza." I haven't even owned a good party dress in years. Tomorrow I'll hit Old Navy for some long sleeved, scoopy necked shirts.

Tonight I'm glued to this spot and my laptop until I get one of my stories done.
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