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Quickie whinge and then I'll do a Meme or something more interesting.

So...as we reported, hubby is home. Which is awesome. No more running up to the nursing home every night. No more listening to people scream in pain or just yell for a nurse who never seems to arrive. No more negotiating head-phone usage with the next door neighbor.


Hubby has pretty limited mobility even with the crutches. I get up in the morning, make sure he's set up on the couch with tea, soda, telephone, pillows and plastic urinal, then I go to work, usually getting in a few minutes late.

After work, I generally pick up some kind of take out, come home, serve dinner, dump out the urinal and spent the evening watching television, (Bones and NCIS reruns followed by Keith and Rachel until it's time to crash.) Lather, rinse, repeat.

I'm not walking, I'm not running, I'm not getting to the gym. I haven't gotten into the sugar/caffeine, but I am doing some anxiety/boredom noshing and I feel like I could crash at any minute.

Plus I'm worried that hubby is going stir-crazy and there's not much I can do about it. He's got the computer, the knitting/crocheting, some books and I hope he's meditating. I need to start organizing phone calls again, and maybe some of you knitting/crocheting people, or anyone who wants to drop a line...either email or PM me and I'll give you his email address.
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