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Femslash drabble-Numb3rs-Megan/Amita

Title: Back To School
Fandom: Numb3rs
Pairing: Megan/Amita
Wordcount: 200
Written for femslash100 Challenge #104-Class

What does an FBI agent do while her physicist boyfriend is living his dream in space?

Megan decided to audit a class at Cal Sci. Maybe the next time Don brought Charlie in to consult on a case, she’d understand more than a tenth of what he was talking about. She hadn’t made the connection when she saw a Dr. Ramanujan was teaching the course, and she never expected that Charlie’s assistant would be such a compelling presence, holding a lecture hall under her spell, making Random Binomials both fascinating and accessible.

Coffee after class led to a long conversation comparing the joys and frustrations of loving a genius. They had that in common, as well as their own dual curses of being attractive and smart. Amita was more than that. She was stunning. Megan found herself envying the professor’s long, soft curls as they walked around the campus together, the lights of Los Angeles obliterating their view of all but the brightest of the stars above them.

Larry was somewhere among the stars, but she was down here with Amita in the fading warmth of an autumn night. Somehow it didn’t matter so much when he was coming back.

Tags: drabble, femslash

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