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Welcome to another exciting episode of .....I HATE MY JOB

Actually things were going pretty well. My job review on Tuesday was full of "meets expectations," "exceeds expectations" and "outstanding." Mostly Bubbles and I sat outside by Chevy's and discussed my hubby, her hubby (recent bicycle accident), the miseries of the travel industry and just how lousy this account really is.

In the course of the week, I also received two positive comment cards and managed to duck one major bullet. I'd booked the tickets for the wrong date, but the client had looked at the itinerary and not noticed. We both took responsibility, and the main office was able to get a waiver on the penalty, so the client only had to pay the fare difference.

Then, today, I was going through my queue and realized that ---Mistake #1---I'd forgotten to reissue a ticket. I tried to rebook the space and it wasn't available, so---Mistake #2----I tried booking the flights at the new fare, thinking the space would go back into inventory...which it didn't. So now the fare is MUCH HIGHER!!! And the Law Firm has gotten insanely cost conscious lately, as is this particular client.

Basically, I called the admin, copped to the screwup and said we'd take care of it. This means I'll have to do an OOPS form and there will some kind of reprecussion, but I won't be sweating out the screw-up all weekend because I didn't tell anybody.

Meanwhile...Problem Child #2 is making last minute changes.
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