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We went to brunch!

Which normally is not a big deal, but under the circumstances was quite an undertaking.

Watching hubby go down the stairs is almost as painful for me as it must be for him. We had the cab take us to ImagiKnit so he could get some more knitting supplies and I could ogle George, the store dog, who is a beautiful Whippet.

Then we crossed the street to Samovar, which is a massive tempation for me. I was THIS close to saying "SCREW IT" and diving into a pot of Earl Grey with milk and sugar, and having the Ginger Quinoa Waffle with syrup. I managed to resist. I had the Salmon Quiche (actually I ordered the Shitake Mushroom, but whatever) and the Samovar Moorish Mint, which I had with honey.

I still think I'm going to crash and burn at some point. I've already slipped back into the red meat, but so far I haven't gone for the "hard stuff" in terms of sugar/caffeine.

We managed to get a cab home...actually the crip got one before I did, and then I had to help him UP THE STAIRS.

Now he's on the couch...knitting, and we're watching a documentary called Real Men Knit.
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