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"This Property Is Condemned" State of Play Cal/Dominic Wordcount-500

Title: This Property Condemned
Fandom: State of Play
Pairing: Cal/Dominic
Rating: R
Wordcount: 500
Notes: Written for mmom, Day 30. Prompt from filthgoblin. Dominic Foy/Cal McCaffrey, prompt: "permission."

Summary: How many ways is it possible for one man to fail?

There isn’t enough liquor in all of London to dron out the sense of betrayal, but Cal is determined to try. He holes up in his flat, drowning in scotch and self-pity, thinking of all the lies he’s been told, by the very people he was trying to protect. How many ways is it possible for one man to fail, he wonders, in between bouts of drunken laughter and crying.

Cal tries to think of someone who’s been a bigger arse in all this than he has, and his mind alights on that scumbag, Dominic Foy. He’d try to play both ends against the middle and ended up taking one of the most deserved beatings Cal has ever seen. Dominic with his big talk and scheming, he’ll be lucky to survive two minutes in jail. Some thug is going to see him for what he is and…

He must be going mad, he thinks, when he feels the familiar stirring between his legs. How can he possibly be hard with all that booze inside him, and nothing on his mind, but Dominic bloody Foy on his knees, servicing…well servicing him, come to think of it.

Not that he’s like that, no matter he and Stephen had, because that was different, but somehow the idea of Dominic, like that. Bruises healed, but the traces still visible, and his eyes, both knowing and desperate, because he knows Cal is his only chance for survival and he’s got to make this good.

Cal fumbles for some stuff in the drawer. Left over from the last time he and Stephen were together, before it all went bad, before….all of this. So now it’s him alone, but he’s hard and horny and Dominic will do any thing he asks, and maybe it’s as fucked up as the rest of his life, but damn it he needs this, needs this now, and he is not going to give up the first thing that’s made him feel good since he realised that both Anne and Stephen had been using him all along, and that he and Anne would never be a couple.

He gives himself permission to do this, to imagine Dominic sucking his cock like it’s the best thing he’s ever tasted, taking Cal deep into his throat, and Cal lies back on his bed, moaning, stroking himself, forgetting everything but his feeling. Dragging it out the way Dominic would, alternating slow and fast, hard and soft, and god he’d love to hear the sounds Dominic would make, nearly gagging but still not stopping because he’d do anything for Cal, anything, and it’s good….so fucking good.

Maybe now he can pull himself together. Get up in the morning and start trying to be a reporter again, instead of thinking he could save anyone, much less himself.

Who’s he kidding anyway? Dominic has probably made some kind of deal. He’ll be out on the street by the end of the week.

Cal can’t wait to see him.

Tags: mmom, mmom 2009, state of play

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