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Sunday Night Karaoke and a few other things.

I saw a really, really, really BAD movie on Saturday night. I'm sure Hubby is responsible for this landing on our Netflix queue because it's the sort of thing where he might have looked at the cast and said: This looks interesting. It wasn't.
It was called "Picking Up The Pieces". Cast included: Woody Allen, Keifer Sutherland, David Schwimmer, Sharon Stone, Cheech Marin, Andy Dick, Fran Drescher. It was directed by the guy directed "Like Water For Chocolate" and let me tell you people, it sucked like J. Edgar Hoover. Not one funny line in the whole thing. I really think that a bad comedy is worse than any other kind of bad movie. A bad mystery is still a mystery. A bad musical still has songs. But an unfunny comedy is nothing. This was an utter piece of shite. It must have gone (deservedly) straight to video because I don't remember hearing or seeing anything about it when it came out and you'd think Woody doing a non-Woody directed movie would have attracted some attention. Hasn't happened since "Scenes From A Mall", which was big to-do if not a great movie. If you are even remotely tempted to rent this one: karaokegal says: DON'T
And a hardy FUCK YOU to Old Navy for closing their store on Potrero Hill and not telling me. Never mind that I jog past it when I do my long run on the weekend and if I'd been paying attention, I would have known. I did not know until I dragged hubby up the hill on Saturday and it wasn't there. I loved that Old Navy. Small. Quiet. I could walk in and pick up a couple of shirts and be done with it. The downtown flagship store is immense, loud, crowded and generally nightmarish. I am so pissed, it's not funny.
Karaoke was awesome tonight. Again, not too crowded. Hung out with Giovanni, who worships Olivia Newton John and sings a lot of Billy Joel. I asked him to do "Always A Woman" for me, which he did. Daddy Dave was a doll as always. Manny C was in the house and I havent seen him for awhile. At one point, we have like three different Mannys who were regulars and they were identified by last initial. Manny B., Manny C. etc.
I satrted with "Something's Happening" by Herman's Hermits, which is just the cutest little pop song ever, including some really nice doot-doot-doots. Then I did "Lucky Lips" while Daddy Dave made dirty jokes. I also tried "Look of Love Part 2" by ABC and NAILED It, if I do say so myself. The best part of the night was that Sudsy actually talked to me. Sat down at the bar and talked. EEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! That hasn't happened for years. I stayed for two more songs: "This Magic Moment" and "Time Passages". I know I said I wasn't doing "Time Passages anymore because of the long instrumental, but it was a mellow enough night that I didn't care. Sudsy even mentioned on mike that I was the author of "a very fine crime novel". I gave him my first book at one of his drunken bday parties like five years ago. Who knew that his drug-addled mind even retained that piece of information?
I also did some writing at the bar. (Very good for my eyes no doubt.) Unfortunately the story that I had the most inspiration on isn't the one that is on deadline for a week away. Oops.
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