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Walkies and Karaoke

So, I managed to get my ass out of bed yesterday and head to Dolores Park for some hill running/walking...only to have to head home immediately because I discovered that my Ipod battery was completely out of power. How did this happen, you might ask? I have it on a docking thingie that's also an alarm clock, and the last time it went off, I pulled it out because I couldn't get it to stop otherwise. But I forgot that even if I couldn't hear the Ipod, it was still playing and didn't think to turn it off.

Takes talent, I tell you.

So I went home, made breakfast for hubby, charged up the Ipod and headed back out. Up and down the hills of Dolores Park for an hour.

I've managed to avoid the big sugar/caffeine binge for three months now, but the fat/carbs have gotten out of control again, so it's time to tighten that up. I've got to find some way to do walkies every day, even if I can't get to the gym....in fact, I think this is the month I give up the gym, because part of that money needs to go to psycho-sis' Vital Link.

That means doing a walk on my lunch break, thereby stealing valuable time from my LJ life, or walking at least part of the way home.


Karaoke was very nice last night. We started out with a small group. I spent some time talking to a sweet guy named Jason, who is a self-confessed "Marvel Comics Geek" and we discussed Star Trek, Watchmen, etc. He also turned out to have an AMAZING VOICE!!!! He did some Anita Baker and he totally blew me away, ditto his Misty and Here's That Rainy Day.

In fact, he is a professional singer, who can be seen and heard HERE.

I also met Dawon Washington, who had a lovely voice and pretty eyes, and is (according to his card) Healer*Teacher*Intuitive Channel, and author of the book: Visions of the Earth Beyond 2012.

My songs for the night were:
Could I Leave You from Follies, which is my BIG DIVA number.
Pretty Flamingo-Manfred Mann
Mr. Success-Frank Sinatra
Sunday In New York-Bobby Darin


I picked up KFC on the way home. (I told you I need to tighten up on the food.)

We watched Quantam of Solace, most of which I ignored because I was typing up my last mmom fic. I wasn't particularly impressed with what I saw, although I really love Dame Judi. I don't think Daniel Craig is awful, but he's certainly not being given very much to do, and I can't watch him without wishing that Clive Owen had been willing to take the part.


Working with Deb for the next three days. Deb you will remember, is my most recent Barrowmania recruit. So far she's only seen/heard John in his Showtune persona. I think she's ready for Real!Jack, so I will give her my New Who Season one disk that has Empty Child/Doctor Dances on it.

In a related story, I think the week of Torchwood S3, which also happens to be the week of Comic-con would be THE TIME for an LJ vacation in the name of both mental health and the well being of my gastro-intestinal system.
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